About Us

First Class First Aid provide fun, customised, professional and empowering first aid courses and training programs for businesses of all sizes throughout New Zealand. At the head of the company are two of Canterbury’s most well-known trainers, each having served long stints at top first aid training businesses in Christchurch before bringing their collective expertise to First Class First Aid’s growing list of clients.

As anyone who has worked with them in the past will tell you, Angelique & Deepa have a rare ability to teach their material in the way their students will enjoy, and ultimately (and importantly in a first aid emergency) will retain!

Meet Our Team

Angelique Finlayson

National Training Director

Angelique is the epitome of what you get when you mix an unmatched passion for first aid with someone that enjoys life to the extreme — the world's best first aid trainer!

Deepa Dassanayake

Trainer, Educator & Clinical Advisor

Deepa is the consummate gentleman, quietly spoken with a wicked dry humour that will pop up when you least expect it.

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