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We host a range of workshops, seminars, and training options that’ll get your team up to scratch on a variety of work-relevant health issues. Take a look at what we offer below, or find out if we can cover a topic of your choice by getting in touch and asking for our current list of options.

Bullying Awareness and Prevention Workshop

Create a zero-tolerance policy for bullying in your workplace with this class. Engaging content and trainers provide your staff with the tools that will enable them to recognise and take action against this issue that is all too common in New Zealand workplaces. Alongside improved knowledge, this course also presents some great opportunities for team building amongst co-workers and will support you as you build a healthier work environment for your staff.


Improve adherence to health and safety principles, increase your team’s knowledge, and advance their ability to respond any health concerns they may face while they’re working. Our seminars can help you achieve all this while engaging and motivating your team as they learn. We offer classes on a range of challenges relevant to your industry and workforce, including:

  • heart attacks;

  • nutrition & health;

  • community infections;

  • diet & cancer.

We also offer seminars on subjects tailored to other specific scenarios your team may face. Get in touch to find out what else we can cover.

Benefit 3

Ideal for advanced first aiders, our reality-based training sessions present participants with 5 action scenarios relevant to their industry or equivalent. With actors playing patient roles, you’re presented with many opportunities to build on your current first aid knowledge and improve your capacity to respond in urgent, real-world situations.

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