Custom First Aid

Our customised courses are a great way to get your team prepared for the situations they could face on the job. We’ll work with you to build a course completely tailored to your needs, from the venue to the content.

Engagement guaranteed

Customising a first aid course with your industry in mind is a great way to get your workforce interested and excited about the content they’re learning. This ensures they retain more information and remain prepared for urgent situations they could face at work.

Our qualified trainers do a great job of ensuring that all team members are involved in the course, while encouraging opportunities for collaboration and team-building between colleagues. Course materials are also created with all learning styles in mind so each participant completes our course feeling confident in their first aid abilities – ultimately improving the safety of your workplace.

Self-assured staff, safer workplace

Skip the irrelevant material and make sure your team are trained in what they really need to know. Not only is our course content tailored to your industry, so are the real-life scenarios participants get to experience. Being involved in these situations and working with equipment like our interactive mannequins drastically improves an individual’s ability to respond to similar circumstances at work.

We’ll let you decide

Whether it be the day, the time, or the venue – it’s all about what works best for you. Choose from our well prepped facility, or have us come to you! You can even decide if you’d like your team to partake in a completely immersive classroom course, or if our blended online learning options would be a better fit.

No worries if you’ve got staff unable to attend on the day you select. We run regular public classes that’ll bring them up to scratch and ensure your whole workforce gets qualified.

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